• Hui-Yu Chao
  • Title: Associate Professor and Department Head
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5716
  • Email: hychao@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Human resources, Service quality, Education training
    Teaching Subjects: Human Resource Management, Service Industry Management, The Practice of International Etiquette, Seminar on Tourism and Leisure

  • Shyi-Liang Yu
  • Title: Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5724
  • Email: slyu@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Island tourism development, Ecotourism, Leisure & recreation planning
    Teaching Subjects: Development of Island Tourism, Research Methods, World Heritage, Ecotourism

  • Ming-Ju Lee
  • Title: Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5714
  • Email: mjlee@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Marine tourism, Marine culture, Planning of recreation area, Stone weir culture
    Teaching Subjects: Leisure and Recreation, Marine Tourism, Independent Studies in Management for Tourism and Leisure

  • Ru-Ling Pai
  • Title: Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5727
  • Email: ruling@gms.npu.edu.twruling777@gmail.com
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Organizational management and development, Service industry management, Human resource management, Team operation and activity planning, Industry counseling, Tourist psychology and behavior
    Teaching Subjects: Management, Human Resource Management, Convention & Festival Management, Leisure Practice, International Etiquette, Leisure Agriculture Management, B&B Management, Community Building, Adventure Education, Tourist Psychology and Behavior

  • Shyang-Chyuan Fang
  • Title: Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5723
  • Email: chyuansf@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Marine ecology, Environmental education, Low-carbon tourism, Statistics, Soil pollution prevention and control, Green and water resources planning
    Teaching Subjects: Marine Ecology, Environmental Education, Statistics, Marine Tourism, Ecotourism

  • Cheng-Hao Lu
  • Title: Associate Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5713
  • Email: luch816@gmail.com
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Nature conservation, Topography, Landscape monitoring and investigation, Natural disasters, Spatial information technology
    Teaching Subjects: Tourism Resources Investigation, Geographic Information System, Landscape Tourism, Tourism & Leisure Resources in Penghu

  • Chien-Tzu Yang
  • Title: Associate Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5722
  • Email: elvayang@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Marine education, Trend analysis of tourism and leisure industry, Sustainable tourism development and innovation, Responsible tourism
    Teaching Subjects: Seminar on Tourism and Leisure, Introduction to Cruise Tour, Multivariate Statistical Analysis

  • Shu-Chih Wang
  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5718
  • Email: yoshi@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Development of multimedia/digital teaching materials, Analysis of learning Japanese as a second language
    Teaching Subjects: Guided Commentary in Japanese, Basic Japanese, Japanese for the Workplace, Japanese Conversation for Tourism Business, Seminar on Tourism and Leisure(coaching students to participate in itinerary design contests)

  • Yu-Chen Lin
  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5717
  • Email: vyuchen0304@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Smart tourism, Global climate change, Planning and management of leisure resources , Disaster and risk management for tourism
    Teaching Subjects: Tourism Geography, The Planning and Management of MICE Industry, Leisure Agriculture Management, Travel Agency: Principles, Practices and Operations, Trends of Tourism and Leisure

  • An-Na Li
  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5726
  • Email: anna@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Tourism consumption behavior , Tourism Planning, Leisure industry management, Tourism statistics
    Teaching Subjects: Psychology and Behavior in Tourism, Tourism Geography, Trends of Tourism and Leisure, Landscape Planning and Design, Creative Industry and Product Design

  • Shih-Chieh Wu
  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5719
  • Email: scwu@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: smart tourism, visual cognition, spatial analysis, data mining
    Teaching field: cruise tour, tourism and leisure resources, recreational fisheries, tourism statistics, tourism technology situational practice, tourism information and communication technology applications

  • Tzu-Chun, Yeh
  • Title: Project Associate Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5721
  • Email: tjyeh@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Marketing in tourism, Innovation & entrepreneurship of service industry, Organizational management and development, Service industry management, English for tourism and leisure, MICE industry, Human resource management in tourism, Micro-tourism entrepreneurship management
    Teaching Subjects: Marketing in Tourism, Tourism English, English for the Workplace, Service Industry Management, The Planning and Management of MICE Industry, B&B Management, Operation and Management of Customer Relationship, Management

  • Ying-Chien Chu
  • Title: Project Assistant Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5715
  • Email: verna323@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Island tourism, Ecotourism, Travel electronic commerce
    Teaching Subjects: Tourism and Leisure Information System, Air Transportation and Ticketing, Development of Island Tourism

  • Ching-wen Chang
  • Title: Project Assistant Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5720
  • Email: chitour@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Tourism human resources management. Tourism and hospitality strategic management and innovation. Leisure and recreation psychology and behavior. Placemaking.
    Teaching field: Practice of Tour Leader &Tour Guide. Human Resource Management. Leisure Product Development. Service Industry Management. Casual island Case. Low-Carbon Leisure and Implement. Festival Activities Practice.

  • Chia-Hao, Chiang
  • Title: Project Assistant Professor
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5728
  • Email: williamchiang@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Hotel pre-opening planning and management, Hotel reception, Experiential marketing, Intellectual capital, Incentive travel satisfaction
    Teaching Subjects: Practicum of Lodging Management, Practicum of Tourism and Leisure

  • Chih-Kai, Yang
  • Title: Project Lecturer
  • TEL: 06-9264115#5725
  • Email: ckyang@gms.npu.edu.tw
  • Research field:

    Expertise: Leisure activity planning, Itinerary planning and design, Practice of tour leader and tour guide, Operation and Management of travel industry
    Teaching Subjects: Tour Planning, Travel Safety and Risk Management, Tourism Interpretation and Guiding, Leisure Activity Planning

  • Li-Chiu, Hung
  • Title: Secretary
  • TEL: 06-9264115#3103